Amazing Artificial Cell Factory

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Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 June


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Point 20 on map

Princes Gardens

Enter the factory to discover how Imperial scientists build tiny artificial cells, and make your own giant artificial cell to take home.

Cells are the amazing biological building blocks that form all living things, from the tiniest bacteria to the biggest blue whales. And cells are really, really, complicated. This has inspired scientists to build artificial cells, which are simple, non-living lookalikes of natural cells.

Come and see how these scientists from Imperial College are finding new ways to build artificial cells that can help us deliver medicines around the body, tackle environmental challenges and even understand how life began!

In this hands-on creative workshop, train up with the team, who will show you their artificial cells under the microscope, and help you understand what cells are made of with jigsaws. Then you can get to work! Get creative with craft materials and make your own innovative artificial cell to take home.

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This is a drop in event.

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Accessibility: this event has step-free access, with grass and paths.

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Cell illustration