Between Forests and Skies

© Nebbia Works for Victoria & Albert Museum, London

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This immersive, low-carbon aluminum pavilion designed by Nebbia Works uses a minimal volume of material to create a seemingly delicate yet robust structure to demonstrate the unique qualities of aluminum.

Working with sheet material and through minimal cuts and bends, the innovative design transforms a 2D object into a complex 3D space. The structure is self-supporting, utilising the innate strength of the aluminum despite its razor thin profile. The resulting space exists somewhere between a forest and the sky, allowing natural light to stream through, creating a dramatic contrast of shadow, light and reflection from the water below.

The pavilion appears to float in the iconic pond in The John Madejski Garden, and visitors can enter and interact with installation, offering a new perspective to the Garden as well as a moment of reflection, between the forest of aluminum legs and upwards to the sky through the complex cut and fold form of the structure.

Supported by En+ Group. Cork seating provided by Amorim Cork Insulation SA.

This event is not ticketed, but you will need a museum entry ticket for the V&A. 


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© Nebbia Works for Victoria & Albert Museum, London