The Biggest Dinosaurs That Ever Lived

Dinosaur toy outside Natural History Museum, London

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Saturday 17 June


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Ondaatje Lecture Theatre

Royal Geographical Society

This year the Natural History Museum received a replica of one of the largest creatures to have ever walked the Earth. 37 metres long and five metres high, Patagotitan Mayorum’s 57-tonne body would have made the ground shake as it trekked across the 100-million-year-old ancient landscapes buried under modern day Argentina.

Paul Barrett is the science lead on the Life as the Biggest Dinosaur - Titanosaur Exhibition. During his talk he will discuss what it is like digging up the giant remains of these largest of dinosaurs before reflecting on the inspirational impact of bringing them to public audiences.

He will also tackle some of the big questions science has about these giants, including: how were they able to grow that large? What and how much did they eat? And why are so many of these supersized dinosaurs found in one part of South America?

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Dinosaur toy outside Natural History Museum, London