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Bionic limbs that make us feel

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Sunday 30 June


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Lecture Theatre G16

Imperial College London

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Speaker: Dario Farina

Robotic technology can already reproduce missing human limbs for near complete dexterity and could even, one day, surpass our own biological potential. Through advances in robotics and a deeper understanding of our own nervous system, we can offer amputees man-machine interfaces that create a truly natural control of movement.

Dario Farina, Professor of Neurorehabilitation Engineering at Imperial, will explore our nervous system and the neural impacts of phantom limbs and two-way communication between limb and mind. He will also explore the idea of recreating the feeling of having a limb back and artificial limbs accepted by patients as a part of their body.

This is part of our ‘Spotlight on Science’ talks series. Take a look at the other talks in this series.

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