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A brief history of the exploration of Antarctica

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Saturday 29 June


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Flett Lecture Theatre

Natural History Museum

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Speaker: Martin Siegert

For more than 2,000 years we have been fascinated by the discovery and exploration of Antarctica. From Captain Cook in the late eighteenth century to heroic expeditions by Robert Scott, Ernest Shackleton, Douglas Mawson and beyond. But while much is now known about Antarctica, it remains unquestionably the most unexplored region on Earth.

Join Martin Sigert in a talk about how our appreciation of Antarctica has changed as a consequence of the technological advances required for its scientific exploration. He will explore how we measure Antarctica and he will show how the perception of Antarctica as a static, lifeless continent has transformed to that of a dynamic region that has the power to alter our global environment. Finally, he will question what changes in the Antarctic could mean for us in the UK, and why it should concern us all.

This is part of our ‘Great Expeditions’ talks series. Take a look at the other talks in this series.

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