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Bubble trouble

Bubbles at dusk

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Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 June

Both days: 15.30-15.50, 17.30-17.50; Saturday only: 13.30-13.50

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City & Guilds Building

Imperial College London

Come and have a bubble with the Roessler group in this bubble making workshop. Discover how the Roessler group create artificial environments in order to the study the parts of our body that are too small to see with just our eyes.

Studying the microscopic parts of our body is vital to furthering our understanding of our own biology. Examining these vital, tiny parts of our anatomy however, can be extremely tricky outside of the human body.

To get around this, Imperial researchers in the Roessler group learned to create artificial environments using a specific type of molecule known as a lipid. Lipids are also known as amphipathic molecules, as they have both water-loving and water-avoiding parts. Soaps are another example of an amphipathic molecule and as such can be used to create bubbles.

In this fun, interactive workshop you’ll get to make lots of bubbles and learn how their structure is similar to that which the Roessler group is creating in their research of some of the tiniest parts of our body.

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Bubbles at dusk