Climate Conversations on Seat #12

Seat 12

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Thursday 14 October

17.00-18.00 and 18.30-17.30

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The gravity of climate change can often feel overwhelming. In the face of complex science, large scale systems change needed and oftentimes political inertia there is something powerful we can do. We can talk about it, normalise it, mainstream it. But in a world where conversations become regularly polarised it’s easy to drift into climate silence.

Join us for an hour in an interactive workshop using Jenny Brockmann’s installation Seat #12 to build your #TalkingClimate toolkit. Your workshop will be facilitated by Sophia Cheng, founder of With Many Roots, who uses her 10 years of communication experience to tackle climate science and climate silence. She’s tried all sorts, from presentations to stand-up comedy, to get people #talkingclimate. 

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Seat 12