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COVID in the community

Mass vaccination

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Sunday 19 June

16.00 - 17.00

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G16, Sir Alexander Fleming Building

Imperial College London

Join GP Azeem Majeed and medical student Yasmin Baker to explore the COVID health inequalities that can help us understand and address issues around distrust of doctors and vaccine hesitancy.

Rather than a greater leveller, the pandemic has exacerbated pre-existing inequalities, hitting people on lower incomes and those from ethnic minority backgrounds hardest. At the same time, some harsh lessons have been leant, or relearnt, about access to, and trust in our health services at a community level.

Azeem Majeed is Professor of Primary Care and Public Health and a south London GP. At the Great Exhibition Road Festival, he will reflect on his own observations of health access inequality linked to race and poverty and faith, and what lessons can be taken from COVID to improve health services for all.

During the talk he will be joined by second year medical student Yasmin Baker who has been working in the west London community for the last two years administering vaccines and listening to concern around receiving them. Together they will suggest approaches to building stronger relationships between the NHS and every part of the communities it serves.

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Mass vaccination