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People at the Great Exhibition Road Festival

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Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 June


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Imperial College Road

Imperial College London

A scientific selection box of topics and activities for all ages. Get involved in games, experiments, conversations and arts and craft activities from across the Imperial College London research spectrum.

Take a wander down Imperial College Road and you’re sure to find something to pique your interest. Light that diagnoses diseases, 3D printed bones, and lateral flow tests that detect heart disease. Science fiction or reality? Join in with some games and try your hand at some experiments to answer these questions about the future of medicine!

Discover the amazing work of the trauma teams who treat injured children and guide them through rehabilitation. Join a guided show and tell of objects led by experts, as they discuss how to solve the problems of living with injuries. Experience the modern day alchemy of paper marbling, where art and science collide in the rich world of fluid dynamics. Find out how this technique has been used throughout history and create your own masterpiece to take home!

Do you have that special someone who you can’t bear to be apart from, much like the DNA in your cells? Come and make some DNA friendship bracelets and learn all about how the amazing bonds that keeps your DNA together can be used in DNA origami.

Discover new and innovative medical therapies by trying your hand at some engaging puzzles and games! Ever heard of injecting liquids into chips? You won’t want to eat them, but you can have a go at injecting liquids into your own plastic chip keyring to take home! Also try your hand at injecting artificial cells and experiencing your handiwork through a microscope!

Preparing for the future can be a daunting yet worthwhile task. Come and speak to medical experts and share your thoughts around the challenges of living with frailty. Join creative activities, create your own origami boat, and discuss how we can prepare for potential stormy weather at the latter stage of our lives.

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People at the Great Exhibition Road Festival