Design and the Circular Economy

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Monday 11 October


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For their installation ‘Windflower’ on Exhibition Road Urban Radicals designers Athanasios Varnavas and Era Savvides together with Adam Harris have transformed a wind turbine blade that had come to the end of its life into a beautiful ensemble of planters. Instead of going to land fill, as many these blades do, ‘Windflower’ brings new life in the form of wildflowers to South Kensington. A short presentation on how they realised this project will form the point of departure for a wider discussion about the role of design for a transition to a circular economy. This role reaches from developing sustainable ways of making things and re-using the materials they are made of, to showing us the necessity as well as the possibility of finding alternatives to wasteful production practices. 

This event will take place at the Goethe-Institut and be streamed live to the Great Exhibition Road Festival YouTube channel. 


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  • Adults
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Windflower diagram