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Designing happy cities

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Saturday 29 June


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Lecture Theatre


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Speakers: Dr Audrey de Nazelle, Rory Hyde,  Dr Tarsha Finney

We often think of the modern world and its residents as the most interconnected in history. And yet, at the end of last year the Prime Minister launched a new loneliness strategy describing a ‘modern epidemic of isolation’ as one of the greatest public health challenges of our time. This disconnect shines light on traditional centres of connections in our local areas - those public spaces and amenities in our towns and cities which provide a space for the sort of civic discourse that make us feel connected but also challenges and inspires us.

While the damage to our physical health from city living is increasingly clear, is there evidence the spaces we live in are also damaging our mental health and sense of wellbeing? This seems especially pertinent as the advance of technology in our digital age appears to be automating out many of the more traditional day-to-day social interactions which many take for granted and provide others with a valuable sense of connection. From the library or local museum, to urban planning on a city scale, this discussion will ask how purposeful design of the places we live and spend our lives can promote civic engagement and reclaim our cities and towns for the benefit of those live there.

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