Drawing the Sun

Drawing the Sun

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Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 October

11.00-12.00, 13.00-14.00, 15.00-16.00

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Wellcome Wing, Basement

Science Museum

Come and draw with us as we explore the Sun, and how it could power a greener future on Earth. The Science Museum has an astonishing collection of artistic depictions of the Sun created by both scientists and artists observing our nearest star that feature solar flares, Sunspots, eruptions and eclipses. At this workshop, families can take inspiration from this stellar collection and make their own solar sketches guided by artist Geraldine Cox and Sun scientists from Imperial College London. Join their conversation about the Sun, how it was born and why it is so important to Earth, both as a source of energy and artistic inspiration.  

Ideal for children aged 6-11.


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  • Family with 7+
  • Workshop
Drawing the Sun