Drawn to Sustainability: design your own environmentally friendly building

V&A Architecture Gallery, credit Morley von Sternberg, V&A Collections

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Saturday 9 October

10.30-11.15, 12.00-12.45, 13.30-14.15

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V&A + RIBA Architecture Gallery and landing , Level 3 (Room 128 and 127)


Can you design for a better future? Who do you think needs better buildings and places, can you design them a building that has sustainability and environmentally-conscious design at its heart? You'll explore the Architecture Gallery with us and walk amongst its large models, drawings and architectural fragments. There, you'll see examples of environmentally friendly designs by architects and cultures from around the world, which will help inspire your building. Discuss with us and draw your ideas on paper. We will demonstrate a few drawing techniques to help show your design at its best. We will provide all materials, just bring your enthusiasm! 

Ideal for families.

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  • Family with 12+
  • Family with 7+
  • Workshop
V&A Architecture Gallery, credit Morley von Sternberg, V&A Collections