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Firefighting in smart buildings

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Saturday 29 June


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Lecture theatre, G16

Imperial College London

Like forecasting the weather, predicting how a fire will develop requires both accurate data on its current state, and sophisticated models of fire behaviour. Today the science underpinning fire protection engineering is mature enough to start looking into how accurately we predict fire development.

In his Festival talk, Professor of Fire Science, Guillermo Rein, will discuss why forecasting fire dynamics in buildings through embracing new technologies will lead to a shift in the response to fire emergencies.

He will discuss the next revolution in fire protection: smart buildings with sensors and computer models. New smoke detection technologies are just the tip of the iceberg as engineers begin to embrace smart technologies to foresee fire growth and construct buildings that can even help the fire services responding to an emergency. By communicating up to the minute information on smoke propagation and flame spread ahead of time, such innovation will save human lives.

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