Future Fashion Upcycling Workshop

Future Fashion

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Sunday 10 October

11.00-12.00, 13.00-14.00, 15.00-16.00

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Business School Café

Imperial College London

From natural dying to repurposing, reconstruction and customisation, learn the upcycling techniques that could green your clothing habits in this exploration of sustainable fashion.  

 Try your hand at fashion upcycling as you give a standard tote bag a new function and design. Fashion entrepreneurs and designers will join us to discuss attempts to improve the environmental footprint of the clothing industry and offer you tips on how to give your clothes a new lease of life. The decisions we make as consumers make a difference: buying, washing, recycling, and keeping clothes for longer. From future fabrics to better design and responsible industry practice, we will explore a much-needed revolution in the relationship with what we wear that will benefit the planet.  

This is an adults-only workshop.

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In order to avoid contributing to the problems highlighted by this workshop, we recommend you bring your own light-coloured tote bag along to the workshop and protective gear such as hand gloves and apron. If not available, we will be providing these.  

Advance tickets are now sold out but there will be drop-in spaces available on the day.

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Future Fashion