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Get Hooked

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Saturday 9 October

10.00-13.00 14.00-17.00

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Art Studio, Sackler Centre


This is your chance to learn how to make an essential household object - coat hooks - using timber from a reclaimed art shipping crate. You’ll be taught by the Re:Works cooperative team to make accurate measurements, markings and saw cuts. You’ll be working with circular design principles - including an interlocking form that minimises waste - and learn about how this innovative making co-op was formed. You’ll leave with your own unique creation, the satisfaction of making something useful and insight into fairer ways of making and living. 

About Participatory City: Participatory City Foundation (PCF) was established in 2017 to deliver Every One Every Day, a five year research and development project into the feasibility, practical implementation, potential impact and sustainability of participation systems at the heart of a London Borough. 

Our thanks to Constantine Ltd for donating art shipping crates to Re:Works 

Image caption: Re:Works workshop, photo courtesy of Participatory City


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Get Hooked