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Saturday 29 JuneSunday 30 June


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Imperial College Road

GREEN SPACE is an installation that explores the health benefits of green spaces in cities and how we connect with nature in an urban environment. This collaborative project brings together the work of Imperial College London researcher Charlie Roscoe, artist Enya Lachman-Curl, designer Robbie Thompson, musician Robbie Parks, and Science Museum curator Rupert Cole.

Explore 360-degree oil paintings which are a contemporary interpretation of green space, which are accompanied by a soundscape which combines meditative synthesisers with delicate piano motifs.

The installation was conceived to communicate Charlie Roscoe’s PhD research on green space and health in older adults. Her research explores how urban green spaces in our local neighbourhoods help all of us maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system. She works with the UK Biobank database, which has collected medical and lifestyle information from 500,000 volunteers.

Listen to the GREEN SPACE soundscape. 

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  • Adults
  • Families with under 7s
  • Family with 12+
  • Family with 7+
  • Exhibition