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Hado experience

Hado game

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Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 June


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Queens Tower Rooms

Imperial College London

Try your hand at the world's first techno sport, an augmented reality game blending physical and virtual experiences.

Great Exhibition Road Festival sponsors Huawei are offering visitors a chance to experience Japanese sport sensation HADO. Made famous worldwide by the Hadouken of Streetfighter, HADO is the Japanese word for energy blast. This unique sport merges physical and virtual experiences and revolves around attacking your opposing team's energy cells while defending your own.

Forming part of a team, you'll choose whether to play as defender, technician or assassin. Fire energy blasts at the opposing team while ducking and weaving to avoid incoming fire. Raise defensive shields to protect your teammates and try to keep at least one point ahead of your opponents for the next 80 seconds.

While matches are fast-paced, and will see you covering around 100 metres during the game, HADO retains the level playing field of esports, so size and strength won't affect your ability to play. Join us for a taster and find out if you could be a HADO superstar!

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This is a drop-in event, and at busy times you may have to wait for a turn to play.

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Hado game