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Invisible warrior

Sickle cells illustration

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Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 June

13.00-13.50, 15.15-16.05

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Imperial College Road, outside the Sir Alexander Fleming Building

Imperial College London

Join us for a creative workshop where you will make a piece of art collaboratively, whilst learning about sickle cell disease and invisible disabilities.

Imperial College London’s Invisible Warrior team is joined by artist and educator Linett Kamala of Lin Kam Art for this unique creative workshop.

We will begin with learning about blood and a genetic blood disease, sickle cell disease, from a science specialist.

Next you will hear from a patient who will share their personal story of how sickle cell disease has impacted their life, body and mental health, and how these experiences made them an invisible warrior.

Afterwards, you will take part in a practical activity working collaboratively with other participants to create a piece of art using the text-based calligraffiti technique.

The final artwork created by participants in the workshops over the festival weekend will represent and encourage empathy for the various invisible battles we face during our lifetimes.

This workshop will be an educational, fun and interactive session where you will learn about blood, blood disease, text-based art, invisible disabilities and mental health.

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Sickle cells illustration