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Magnificent molecules zone

Model of molecules

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Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 June


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City & Guilds Building

Imperial College London

Shrink down to the molecular level for this whistlestop tour of how the science of the very small can make a difference on global scales. In the Marvellous Molecular zone you can:

  • Learn how the atomic structure of plastics gives them special properties as you find out which should be recycled and how.
  • Enter the world of molecular chirality and learn how mirrored structures are not so similar after all.
  • Discover how to read light through spectroscopy and explore efforts to use light to identify fingerprints, create bio-pharmaceuticals and aid the preservation of period artworks?
  • Join intriguing experiments in corrosion as we learn how to better protect the infrastructure that underpins our modern world.
  • Experience the world of nanomedicine, discover model organs made on chips and learn about the big implications of this tiny technology.
  • Create your own molecular mantelpiece models and ornaments inspired by some of the molecules vital to life.

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Model of molecules