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Malaria Area

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Saturday 29 JuneSunday 30 June


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SAF Mezzanine

Imperial College London

Immerse yourself in the malaria parasite’s journey through humans and mosquitoes, and help us answer key questions to control the disease.

Experience a swampy mosquito habitat where you can see the mozzies up close, find out how attractive you are to a female mosquito, and learn about all the tools we have to help prevent malaria transmission. Lab coats then await you as we invite you into the lab to look down a microscope to detect the parasites, and once you’ve learned to read the signs, see if you can diagnose malaria in a patient. In our exhibition space, meet people affected by malaria every day, and in our workshops, embody how malaria infection spreads or how modified mosquito genes can pass on to new generations through dance.

Event categories

  • Adults
  • Families with under 7s
  • Family with 12+
  • Family with 7+
  • Exhibition