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A modern perspective on space and time

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Saturday 29 June


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Lecture Theatre G16

Imperial College London

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Speaker: Toby Wiseman

A century ago Einstein showed that gravity was due to space and time being dynamic, rather than simply a fixed stage on which reality plays out. Now, modern physics is grappling with the consequences of his theory. How did the space and time of the universe start? What is causing its runaway expansion? What happens inside a black hole where space and time become infinitely warped? And what happens when a black hole evaporates?

Join Toby Wiseman for his talk which will explore the idea of quantum gravity and a holographic description of space and time. Starting with the ideas of Newton, before moving through Einstein's theory of General Relativity and Hawking's own work, Wiseman will explain why discoveries on these smallest scales may help us understand the origin of the universe.

Toby is Professor of Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London and has spent much of his career exploring aspects of space-time holography. Having been a member of Professor Stephen Hawking's research group, Toby has used it to show that it correctly reproduces Hawking's prediction for the thermal properties of black holes.

This is part of our ‘Spotlight on Science’ talks series. Take a look at the other talks in this series.

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