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The musical brain: Neuroscience and classical music

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Sunday 30 June


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Britten Theatre

Royal College of Music

By night Marianna Kapsetaki is a classically trained concert pianist who has performed on stages from London to Athens. However, by day she studies the human brain as a neuroscientist at Imperial College London. Her choice area of study has allowed her to combine her two passions by investigating the act of playing and enjoying music from the perspective of brain function.

From the memory skills required to remember complex compositions, to the impact of stage fright and nerves on brain chemistry, Marianna's research has allowed her to continue to work at the interface of science and music.

In her Festival talk Marianna will combine performances of her favourite pieces with research on the brain regions which are involved in playing the piano. She will also discuss the neuroscience of music and how practising to perform on stage has benefited her career in medicine.

This is part of our ‘Art of Science’ talks series. Take a look at the other talks in this series.

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