Not Just a Story: Aliens, Avalanches and ATP

pop art-style hand taking a book from a shelf agaisnt a yellow background

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Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 June

Sat. 12.30-13.30, 14.30-15.30, 16.30-17.30, 18.30-19.30; Sun 12.30-13.30 14.30-15.30 16.30-17.30

Event location details

Creative Science Zone

Royal Geographical Society

Enjoy an audio experience exploring a biological mystery inside us all, and meet the people whose lives and research inspired the story.

A library is full of hundreds and thousands of stories. But this is a story that nobody has told before. This is a story that has never been taken very seriously. But it is part of you. It is within us all. It is within the people we see on the street, on the bus and in the supermarket. It interrupts us, bothers us, then passes us by and it’s just… gone. Except, for some of us, it doesn’t go away. This audio experience explores a biological mystery inside us all. It recounts a scientific drama spanning decades. It tells the true life stories of people whose everyday experience is shaped and threatened by a physical reflex, that for most of us is a minor irritation.

This story is told in a library. You will listen on headphones provided. You will move around during parts of the experience and at times you will be given instructions. After you have listened, you are invited to join a conversation with some of the people who shared their stories to make this piece.

Visitor information

To plan your visit, you can download a copy of the timed events schedule and map (pdf) or see the printed programme (pdf)

The experience is 60 minutes including an informal discussion and is suitable for everyone aged 14+. Spaces for this audio experience and discussion event are limited. Register for a spot on the day at the reception of the Exhibition Road entrance of the Royal Geographical Society, spaces will be first-come first-served. Once registered, please arrive at the reception at least 5 minutes before the event begin. If you arrive after this time, your spot may be reallocated.

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  • Adults
  • Talks and tours
pop art-style hand taking a book from a shelf agaisnt a yellow background