Oceans Show

Oceans Show

Event schedule details

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 October

11.00-11.30, 13.00-13.30, 15.00-15.30

Event location details

Attenborough Studio

Natural History Museum

Dive down on an adventure thousands of metres below the waves to help our scientist explore life in the oceans.

This immersive show highlights the importance of the oceans and demonstrates why it’s never been more vital to help protect this amazing habitat. Explore the creatures that survive 3,000 metres below the surface, as well as human impact on the oceans. Can your family take on the role of scientists and help us explore the oceans on their adventure into the deep?

Best for children aged 6+


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Please email [email protected] if you are having problems with registration.

These tickets are reserved for our local community, more tickets for the Great Exhibition Road Festival will be released closer to the festival week.

The Attenborough Studio is fitted with hearing loops. More accessibility information can be found on the Natural History Museum website

Event categories

  • Family with 12+
  • Family with 7+
  • Performance
Oceans Show