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Plant orbiter

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Saturday 29 JuneSunday 30 June


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Level 0, Blavatnik Hall


Explore the Plant Orbiter by artist Nick Laessing, an automated rotating system for food production, which reflects on the role of technology in local urban food production and speculates on food scarcity solutions. 

In the 1970s NASA investigated the possibility of growing plant food in extra-terrestrial environments and discovered that plant growth accelerates in anti-gravity conditions. Though since discarded by NASA, this research has been appropriated by marijuana growers to maximise production for indoor cultivation. Drawing on the NASA research, the Plant Orbiter tests this theory of anti-gravity growth by creating an automated rotating system for food production. 

Presented in collaboration with the Delfina Foundation and with the support of Arts Council England

Image credit: Nick Laessing, Plant Orbiter, 2017. The Calthorpe Project. Photo Nick Laessing

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