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Return to Jupiter

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Saturday 29 June


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Lecture Theatre G16

Imperial College London

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Speaker: Michele Dougherty

After a dozen years in orbit around the ‘jewel’ of our solar system, the Cassini spacecraft ended in a blaze of glory, crashing into Saturn to end a mission that discovered new moons, flew through the famous rings, and uncovered evidence for life’s building blocks within ocean moons. Now Michele Dougherty, one of the Cassini instrument leads, is helping plan a visit to Jupiter and its own fascinating orbiting worlds. Hear about the ambitions of JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer), which launches in 2022, and the worlds it will explore. From opening up Jupiter’s interior for clues as to how the solar system formed, to testing a potential habitable ocean under its moon Europa’s icy exterior, hear the plans for JUICE fist hand.

This is part of our ‘Spotlight on Science’ talks series. Take a look at the other talks in this series.

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