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A new practical making programme to develop a group of collaborative makers creating products from waste material, Re:Works is a collaboration between the V&A, Every One Every Day and the residents of Barking & Dagenham. The first ever Re:Works programme brings together a group of people over 8 weeks in August and September to learn everything needed to set up and run a collaborative maker cooperative.

During the Great Exhibition Road Festival, visitors are invited to watch a film about this community pilot, and its roots in the upcycling project commissioned by the V&A for Exhibition Road Day of Design in 2019. There will also be an opportunity to meet the Re:Works team during a special workshop on 09 October where you can make a pair of wooden coat hooks by upcycling reclaimed materials from V&A exhibitions.

Re:Works lead Rhys Pritchard says, “This collaboration gives charismatic V&A materials a second life. It aims to provide people with creative livelihoods in their own co-op, making well designed, low impact products. We aim to show that reclaimed materials can make objects that enhance our lives both in use and in production. Come and try it yourself!”

Tessy Britton, Founding Chief Executive of Participatory City Foundation, comments: “As humanity we need to redesign everything, from our products, to our systems, and society itself! Re:Works is an exploration of how new forms of collaboration and design can create new models which take strain off our natural world and build community - offering equal chances in fair organisations.”

About Participatory City:

Participatory City Foundation (PCF) was established in 2017 to deliver Every One Every Day, a five year research and development project into the feasibility, practical implementation, potential impact and sustainability of participation systems at the heart of a London Borough.

This event is not ticketed, but you will need a museum entry ticket for the V&A. 

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