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Roving with Rosalind


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Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 June


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Exhibition Road

The last few years have seen a host of missions heading out to the Mars Sphere to carry out some exciting new Science. From preparations for crewed mission, to returning samples to Earth, it is an exciting time for discovery!

Mars is the next logical step in the exploration of our solar system and figuring out if we are alone in the Universe. We have an array of robots investigating the surface to look for signs of past or present life and help us prepare to explore with a crewed mission in the future.

Join Natural History Museum scientists working on Martian exploration and find out about the work they’re doing to prepare for the rover exploration of Mars, and to maximise our chances of finding signs of life. Try your hand at our Mars exploration game; steer your rover around Mars, watch out for the hazards of the Martian terrain and find the targets hidden away on the Martian surface as fast as you can. Navigating a rover from millions of kilometres away is no easy feat!

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