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Throughout 2021, the Science Museum Group is hosting a series of free Climate Talks – panel discussions, Q&As and events connecting you with leaders, experts, activists and campaigners as they discuss how to tackle the problems facing our communities due to climate change. 

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Catch up on some of the great talks that have happened so far:  

How to feed the world without costing the Earth
Join our panel of experts in agriculture and food innovation in this online debate on how the way we produce, transport and consume food needs to change to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate talks: Tony Blair in conversation with John Kerry
With the most crucial climate talks of all, COP26, taking place this November, the time for turning rhetoric into action is now.


COP26: How can it achieve what the world needs?
This November, Glasgow hosts the most important climate talks of all: the UN Climate Change Conference, COP26. But will the world unite to take serious action on climate change?


Climate Change: why should we care?  

What will Earth be like for future generations? On 28 January 2021, science broadcaster Dr Hannah Fry was joined by an international panel of experts—including famed conservationist Dr Jane Goodall— to kick off our Climate Talks series and explore the big question: how will climate change affect our future? 



Earth, but not as we know it: Lovelock's legacy and our future 

The Gaia Hypothesis, which was first formulated by James Lovelock in the 1960s, suggests that Earth acts like a living, self-regulating organism. This theory has been both hugely influential and controversial and has shaped how scientists today view both climate change and biodiversity.  



Is Capitalism Compatible with Environmentalism?  

How can we reconcile boosting profits with stewardship of our planet? Can we resolve the tension between these very different objectives? Through transforming the energy sector to rethinking the way we build houses, streets and entire cities, a range of reforms—such as a green new deal—have the potential to change the way we live, for the better. 



Climate Change: The View from Space  

From the incredible insights we’ve gained about Earth as we’ve learnt more about neighbouring planets, to the way in which international collaboration and advances in satellites and remote sensing are helping us track the effects of climate change more accurately than ever before. 


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