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Smart machines zone

Robot at Festival in 2019

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Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 June


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Business School entrance

Imperial College London

Brains, planes and autonomous vehicles. Come and see some amazing advances in Artificial Intelligence and the digital realm!

Come meet the AI Systems, smart machines and digital decision makers that might influence our futures both online and in the real world.

Our futures are increasingly influenced, if not ultimately located in the digital realm. This poses valid concerns but also major opportunity to improve our lives both online and IRL. In our smarter machines zone we aim to explore both sides of this digital coin.

In this zone you can:

  • Attempt to trick an AI helping in the fight against toxic behaviour online whilst using another to track and predict wildfires.
  • Test your ability to estimate your phone use and see how your screen time stacks up with other visitors!
  • Discover how to protect your phone from data leaks and hacking.
  • Navigate around a virtual city where autonomous cars are the norm to discover how computers, commuters and autonomous vehicles need to communicate to ensure safety.
  • Discover advances in aerial robots and learn how flying drones are being used for environmental and infrastructure monitoring.

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This is a drop in event. 

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Robot at Festival in 2019