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Sound tracking the rainforest: An audio-visual exploration of deforestation in Costa Rica

spider monkey

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Sunday 10 October


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Room LT200

Imperial College London

Immerse yourself within the sights and sounds of a forest ecosystem under threat with this digital artwork created by art collective super/collider.

Biodiversity/earth is an immersive audio-visual experience that explores humanity’s impact on the forests of Costa Rica. It was created by art collective super/collider working with Imperial College London ecologist Jenna Lawson, who is working to save the endangered spider monkey. Taking Jenna’s field recordings, the artists created an immersive journey that conveys the beauty in the diversity of life and what we lose when we destroy these incredible ecosystems.  

At the Great Exhibition Road Festival, you can experience biodiversity/earth for yourself as well as hear from its creators in conversation amongst the sights and sounds of the forest. 

This event is taking place in South Kensington and will also be live streamed so that you can tune in to watch live online from your home. When selecting your ticket, please be careful to check whether you have a ticket to join us at the event in South Kensington or to watch along online.

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spider monkey