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Synch.Live in action

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Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 June

12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00

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Great Hall

Imperial College London

Be a part of Synch.Live, a joyful, participatory community art experience and cutting edge brain science experiment designed to spark emergent behaviour. Energising, inspiring, and a little bit mysterious.

This year's Great Exhibition Road Festival offers a chance to join the unique experience that is Synch.Live. Players are assembled into groups wearing hats equipped with randomly flashing LEDs. The group’s challenge is to synchronise the LEDs without talking or touching. The LEDs will synchronise if the group can figure out how to move together in a coherent, emergent fashion.

Emergence is incredibly broad in scope, capturing the creation of galaxies, intelligent behavior in ants, economics, ecosystems, and conscious brains. Recent advances in information theory have allowed three of Synch.Live’s collaborating scientists, with colleagues, to develop an algorithm to quantify emergence. In Synch.Live, we use the algorithm to measure how emergent the group as a whole becomes. While the algorithm is tested, our application—measuring emergent behaviour among humans—is radically new.

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Synch.Live in action