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150 year anniversary projection on Royal Albert Hall

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To mark the Royal Albert Hall's 150th birthday, composer David Arnold (James Bond films, Independence Day, Sherlock) turned his compositional genius to create a musical history of the Hall comprised of ten movements.

Discover how David Arnold told the story of the Hall's rich history from picking ten themes, to going out into the community along with musical facilitator and composer James Moriarty to conduct workshops with primary school and secondary school children as well as music college groups, sheltered housing groups and Chelsea pensioners. 

The ten movements take inspiration from the workshop participants’ experiences of the Hall and their hopes and wishes for its future. The result, titled A Circle of Sound, is a beacon of the Hall's culture and community. Watch David and James talk about their incredible journey composing this musical snapshot of the Hall’s unique history, which started in 2019.

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150 year anniversary projection on Royal Albert Hall