The PhilosoCats: Family-friendly philosophy

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Saturday 17 June


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All children love to ask "why?" That makes them all philosophers. Judith Millecker, author of The PhilosoCats, runs workshops with children (and parents) to show how easy philosophy is.

Part of the Goethe’s children’s programme, book readings and philosophical workshops will get children aged four to ten years old curious about why things are the way they are, fostering their critical thinking. Judith Millecker is a philosopher and author of The PhilosoCats, a series of children’s books that include a philosophical activity book. She will read engaging and relatable stories to children and inspire them to reflect on them with a mix of philosophical questions, fun games, and mindful and creative activities. This way, philosophy becomes accessible and fun for adults and children alike, and supports them in having meaningful conversations and spending quality time with each other. Any parents attending will be able to get basic guidance and tips on how to engage with their children in a philosophical way. In addition, these philosophical workshops will make children curious about scientific analysis and encourage them to critically question the status quo, which is the basis to get them interested in MINT subjects.

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  • Family with 7+
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Image shows a children's philosophy class