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Time tries all things

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Saturday 29 June


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Ondaatje lecture theatre

Royal Geographical Society

How do we understand time, one of the most elusive properties of the universe? Physicists from Galileo Galilei to Isaac Newton, from Albert Einstein to Stephen Hawking, and many others besides have developed conceptions and theories of time.

In her latest audio-visual installation, which has been hosted at the Institute of Physics, Grace Weir used the lenses of science and cinema, physics and photography to explore the theme of time in physics and in film. Working with two renowned physicists, David Berman from Queen Mary University of London, and Fay Dowker from Imperial College London, the final film installation encouraged viewers to reflect on their own lived experience of time, and how this corresponds to, contrasts with, and can be illuminated by scientific knowledge and theory.

At the Great Exhibition Road Festival, Grace and Fay come together to discuss the collaboration that led to 'Time Tries all Things'. Showing clips from the final film, hear about the artist’s approach to researching and developing the artwork, and Professor Dowker’s experience of approaching time from a philosophical standpoint.

This is part of our ‘Art of Science’ talks series. Take a look at the other talks in this series.

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