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Tomorrow’s wardrobe

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Saturday 29 June


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Lecture Theatre


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Speakers: Jess Wade, Audrey Gaulard, Bushra Burge 

The potential for smart fashion is huge. In healthcare remote vital signs and movement sensing is allowing patients to take professional medical guidance and monitoring with them wherever they go.

In sports science marginal gains are being achieved through more comfortable training clothing and performance tracking kit. But what about our day-to-day outfit choices? Could the average wardrobe in 2050 showcase an industry-wide revolution in new materials, new technologies and new approaches to designing, producing and selecting clothes?

Will AI choose our outfits, or could the digital and 3D printing revolution help us better express who we are through what we wear? Can sustainable textiles and business models end the throwaway culture of £5 t-shirts and unethical manufacturing processes?

In this discussion, we’ll look at how innovation in clothing and wearable tech could keep us healthy, safe and on trend. We will explore what is currently holding back wider adoption, from unreliable performance to uncomfortable fit. And look at how design and science can come together in the future to smarten up our favourite outfits.

This is part of our ‘Ideas Exchange’ talks series. Take a look at the other talks in this series.

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