Uni-verses: Write your own space poetry

Venus illustration

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Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 June

12.00-12.40, 13.00-13.40, 14.15-14.55, 15.45-16.25, 17.00-17.40

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Point 14 on map, Imperial College Road

Imperial College London

Create your own space poem, with award-winning poets and scientists who explore the universe and worlds beyond our own.

Space is a constant source of awe-inspiring beauty, fundamental questions and revolutionary discoveries. It is also a vast expanse of extremes which can be hard to comprehend. How can anyone conceptualise the differences in size between a sun, a solar system and a galactic super cluster. How would a human experience the pressure and heat of Venus?

Session times:

12.00 -12.40
13.00 - 13.40
14.15 - 14.55
15.45 - 16.25
17.00 - 17.40

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Venus illustration