Food and Drink

We’re excited to have two street food markets at the Festival on Saturday and Sunday. 

Food outlets

Indulge in food from all over the world at our food markets. From dumplings to pizza, waffles to custard tarts, you’ll find something tasty to tuck into. There are vegetarian and vegan options available. 

There are also a number of cafes, restaurants and take-away food outlets in South Kensington which will be open throughout the weekend.

Stein’s, a restaurant on Exhibition Road, will be serving a special Albert themed menu across the weekend, too. 

Maths bar

Come and have a pint at AlgeBAR! It's the prime spot for our guests to sit and contemplate the complexities of their festival discoveries, to log them into their memories, and negate any arguments that came from exciting discussions or mind-boggling demonstrations. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be available.

Bring your own....water bottle!

We are encouraging a sustainable Festival by providing water refill points. Bring your own reusable bottle and fill up across the Festival.