Saturday highlights

See a small selection of amazing events happening on day one of the Festival! Or see everything happening on the what's on page.


Green Poems for a Blue Planet

A humorous, theatrical and challenging eco-comedy stand-up poetry performance suitable for the whole family.


Leafy Lino Printing

SOLD OUT. Learn the art of lino printing through the beautiful science of plant leaves.


DIY Soap Making to Clean our Oceans

SOLD OUT. Create your own uniquely scented and sustainably packaged soap bars in this workshop exploring ways to reduce the plastic in our oceans.


The Very (Very) Small Materials That Could Save the World

SOLD OUT. Draw, experiment and invent as you journey inside the nanomaterials that could build a better future for our planet.


Human Health and Planetary Health

Find out how changing our diet could not only improve our health, but also tackle climate change, address biodiversity loss and stave off the next global pandemic.


Black History Month - A day in the life of a Renaissance art historian

Despite leaving school at 16 with no qualifications, Leslie Primo overcame dyslexia and the odds to become an authority on some of the great masters of European art.

All Ages

South Ken Green Trail

Pop-up nature hubs and installations created by architects, artists and garden designers will leave you buzzing with new ideas and inspiring visions for a greener future.


Solving urban air pollution and green mobility

Learn how public health data, better air quality monitoring and smart green mobility could make our cities healthier places to live and explore.


Meet the UK's Green Poet

From green banking to generating clean energy from our poo, Martin Kiszko tackles environment issues through his playful poetry.

A day in the life of a STEM Education Director

Pallavi Malhotra discusses her career from being a pioneering female telecommunications engineer to being Director for the Huawei ICT Academy Programme in Western Europe.


Eco-murals: Bringing the biodiversity crisis to our city centres

Scientists and artists discuss their work and the role public art can play in bringing a community together to take action against human-induced mass extinction of life on Earth.


Eco-anxiety: Climate change’s toll on our mental health

Find out how the fight to save our planet could also improve our individual and collective wellbeing in this session exploring our emotional response to the climate crisis.


Discovering science through children’s non-fiction picture books

Illustrators and writers celebrate the transformative power of an overlooked section of children’s literature to communicate science.


Climate Justice

How can we ensure equality and basic human rights are preserved in the pursuit of saving the planet?

Character illustration workshop

Take inspiration from the Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser exhibition at the V&A to learn illustration techniques to create your own unique characters.


Future Explorers

What will our world look like in 2050? Become a Future Explorer and investigate the not-too-distant future.

Art x Science 2021

ART x SCIENCE 2021 - a collaboration between the Royal College of Art and the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Smart Medical Imaging. Explore the future of healthcare.


Black History Month - A day in the life of a climate finance expert

Courtnae Bailey discusses her work to increase global climate investments in developing countries so they can mitigate and adapt to the worst impacts of climate change.


Black History Month - A day in the life of the Grenfell gardener

Meet Tayshan Hayden-Smith, the former footballer who discovered the healing power of horticulture after setting up the Grenfell Garden of Peace