Weekday online highlights

Check out some of the most exciting online events happening Mon-Fri during the Festival week! Remember you can also catch up on all of our One World and Art of Science talks from the weekend on the Great Exhibition Road Festival YouTube channel.

A day in the life of a STEM Education Director

Pallavi Malhotra discusses her career from being a pioneering female telecommunications engineer to being Director for the Huawei ICT Academy Programme in Western Europe.


Weaving Waste

Get creative with the contents of your recycling bin and discover some of the surprising ways new life is brought to waste materials by artists and engineers.

Nature Live Online

Join us for a live stream event where a panel of Millennials and Generation Z discuss some of the core issues of the planetary emergency.

Museum of the Anthropocene: Hidden Histories in the V&A Collection

Join V&A Anthropocene Reading Group co-founder and postgraduate researcher Flora Parkin on this tour of the V&A Collection, sharing untold stories about the museum’s historical role in today's profound crises.


Innovating for a Greener Future

Meet the graduates of Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art who have gone on to develop innovative solutions to help build a greener, more sustainable world.

Discover the Great Exhibition

Discover the incredible story of the Great Exhibition of 1851. From its controversial planning process to its exhibitors, visitors and long legacy, you’ll uncover an event unlike any other.


The Hidden Life of Trees

A multifaceted portrait of ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ author Peter Wohlleben on his mission to enhance our understanding of the intelligent fabric of our forests.


Extreme weather forecasting in a warming world

Explore why severe weather warnings don’t always lead to simple life-saving public and government action, and why climate change means we need to get this right.

Unloved Animal Club: Creatures in the climate crisis

Our warming planet threatens life on every continent. Seven scientists present seven vulnerable species that need more appreciation and protection as the world changes.


Family Festival Quiz

Join us for some green entertainment with the return of our Festival Family Quiz!

Family activities

Enjoy these fun science and art activities for you and your family. Explore nature and the world around you, and think about how to look after it in the face of climate change.