About Us

The Great Exhibition Road Festival is a free three-day celebration of curiosity, discovery and exploration in South Kensington.

The Festival brings together science and the arts in a unique programme of creative workshops, talks, exhibitions and performances - all in the spirit of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s vision for the Great Exhibition.

Since the Great Exhibition of 1851, this road is where engineers, artists, educators and scientists from around the globe have reimagined the future. Their common spark? Curiosity. The Festival celebrates this spirit of innovation by bringing the arts, science and culture out onto the road we share. Plus, there’s plenty to explore across the institutions, galleries and museums on Exhibition Road and beyond.

Our 2019 partners

The Festival is a collaboration between institutions on and around Exhibition Road. Find out more about our 2019 partners.

Our 2019 supporters

Our supporters are crucial to the running of the Festival. Find out more about our 2019 supporters.