Art and science through the ages


Join us for this lunchtime panel session which will take the story of the two cultures of art and science back 500 years. We start in Renaissance Italy with art historian Leslie Primo, who introduces us to Leonardo da Vinci and his friends who were merging science and arts in their studies of the natural world.

We will then move through the Enlightenment to the Victorian age of innovation and industry that hosted the Great Exhibition of 1851. Take a train down to London in the 1850s and explore the attractions with 1851 Commission archivist Angela Kenny.

Finally, we will bring this story into the 21st century with Professor of Surgical Education and Engagement Science at Imperial College London, Roger Kneebone. Roger leads the Centre for Performance Science which brings together Imperial scientists and Royal College of Music performers and is a strong advocate for collaboration between science and the creative and artistic sectors.