Celebrating neurodiversity in the arts and sciences


To celebrate Neurodiversity Celebration Week, we'll be diving into neurodiversity in the arts and the sciences, exploring the unique experiences of neurodiverse artists, designers, musicians and researchers.

Neurodiversity brings with it unique experiences and perspectives that create strengths, connections and out of the box ways of thinking. How have these impacted how neurodiverse people have and are interpreting and shaping the world? How can we create an environment which allows that to flourish?

Joining us will be neurodiverse speakers swapping stories and perspectives - Professor Sara Rankin from Imperial College London, Qona Rankin and Roland Ross from the Royal College of Art and colleagues from the Royal College of Music. A melting pot not to be missed!

In this lunchtime chat we’ll be answering your live questions on everything from career paths, to overcoming challenges and harnessing strengths. If you would like to submit a question in advance for our panel you can do this when you register for the event.


  • Professor Sara Rankin, Imperial College London

  • Qona Rankin, Royal College of Art

  • Roland Ross, Royal College of Art