A day in the life of... a found object sculptor


The benefits and dangers of CCTV cameras on every corner. The instant knowledge and connections at our disposal from the mobile phone we can't put down. And the convenience of a consumer culture that makes almost everything a next day delivery away from us.

Clare Burnett is an internationally acclaimed found object artist whose work often starts with a love of scavenging from her urban surroundings to find those everyday items that speak to our times and the society we live in.

Discarded, lost and mass-produced objects appear regularly, often underpinned by thoughts about the complications, conflicts and dilemmas of navigating the modern world, as well as the genuine delight in discovering a new type of materials in markets, on the road, in scrapyards and pound shops.

After a career that has seen her work displayed everywhere from the Royal Academy and the National Gallery, to France, Taiwan, Mexico and China, Clare joins the Great Exhibition Road Festival in her role as President of the Royal Society of Sculptors to discuss her inspirations, her career, and the value that new perspectives from underrepresented groups can bring to the art world.