A day in the life of... A Playful Design Engineer

Join Aisha Hussain to explore her use of storytelling and learning through play to diversify routes into coding careers.

As a female Muslim design engineer, Imperial graduate Aisha Hussain believes we can do more to open up engineering careers in electronics and coding to new creative and innovative young minds.

Her preferred approach has seen her bring the concepts of learning through play and storytelling into a number of projects. From designing The Craft Club aiming to diversify young people’s pathway into coding, to working with the LEGO Foundation, she has worked to bridge creativity and technical aspects of engineering and electronics so kids with different interests and abilities could engage with these fields.

In her day in the life talk, Aisha will discuss her own experience as an ‘arty’ school student discovering coding for the first time. She will also share her views on why we are missing out on huge amounts of untapped talent by how these creative engineering subjects are often presented to young people without much creativity.