Performing music, performing medicine

Performance is at the very core of progress in the arts, business, education, medicine, science, and sport. The Centre for Performance Science (CPS) is an ambitious collaboration between the Royal College of Music and Imperial College London tackling the major challenges across a wide range of performance domains.

In this session musicians from the CPS and doctors from the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London explore what we can learn from one another and how performance science can improve our practice.


Roger Kneebone is a clinician and educationalist whose multidisciplinary research builds on his experience in surgery and general practice and his interests and expertise beyond medicine. He is passionate about engagement in bridging the worlds of clinical practice, biomedical science, patients, society and institutions. He leads the Imperial College London’s Centre for Engagement and Simulation Science and the Royal College of Music(RCM) and Imperial's Centre for Performance Science and is Professor of Anatomy at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Terry Clark is a Research Fellow within the CPS. Terry completed a Bachelor of Music in flute performance at the University of Calgary, followed by an Artist Diploma and Masters of Music in flute performance at the University of Western Ontario before doing his doctoral training at the RCM focusing on mental skills in musicians development. Terry designs and conducts pedagogical and research initiatives focused on the use of interdisciplinary experiential learning to facilitate the development, real-world application, and assessment of business and entrepreneurship skills.

Natasha Houghton is a medical doctor and teaching fellow with the Centre for Engagement and Simulation Science at Imperial College London. She designs healthcare and performance-based simulations to enhance experiential learning among medical students and doctors with a focus on communication, presentation of complex information, and managing uncertainty.