Re-imagining our environment through sound

How can music help us forge new relationships with our environment and the places we inhabit?

Director of Kensington + Chelsea Art Week Vestalia Chilton is joined by Royal College of Music composers Andrew Zhou, Ben Munro and Jack Gionis as they talk about the making of their new website Treephonia, with soundscapes composed for 190 trees in Kensington Gardens.

Discover new music through a unique lens as they break down how the music was written specific to particular tree species and how multiple pieces from 17 contributing composers all fit together within the website's harmonious ecosystem.

We’ll explore the ways in which music-making has changed during the Covid lockdown, how music can help us forge new relationships with our environment, and looking ahead how projects like Treephonia can inspire change through simple listening and observation.

During this talk, there will also be a moment to join in a brand new Treephonia-inspired listening exercise you can partake in wherever you are. This is designed to be a meditative experience as you engage with the sounds of your environment and channel your imagination and creativity through inner sound-worlds.

You can also download the Treephonia task worksheet (pdf) for an activity to increase mindfulness and awareness of your surroundings after the event.