Superhero drawing workshop

Create a superhero with special powers to fight off all the baddies in the hospital at this fun drawing workshop for all the family.

Led by a professional illustrator and scientists from Imperial College London, we’ll be creating awesome hospital superheroes where you get to imagine and draw their special powers, like germ-zapping and healing super-strength.

All you will need to take part is something to draw with (coloured pens, pencils, biros felt tips) and something to draw on (paper, notebook, card). Plus our worksheet, which you can either print out or have on screen for the event.

Download the Superhero drawing worksheet (PDF)

Suitable for families with children aged 5-12, and for all levels of drawing from absolute beginners to mini artistes!

Leading this workshop will be:

  • Anh Cao is an illustrator originally from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She now works and lives in London, as an illustrator and visual development artist. She is inspired by different cultures, landscapes and fairytale stories from places she has visited, and brings these inspirations into her paintings to create whimsical, vibrant, fantastical worlds, for clients such as Oxford University Press, Piccadilly Press, BBC Teach and Netflix.
  • Lisa Aufegger is an honorary Research Fellow at the Patient Safety Translational Research Centre at Imperial College London. Her research focuses on improving healthcare service and delivery through simulation-based interventions and user experience research.
  • Khanh Ha Bui is a final-year PhD researcher in Health Economics, based in the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London. Whilst her background is in Economics, she developed an interest and passion in healthcare policy and services research, particularly in End-of-Life care and secondary care resource usage of frail patients
  • Lily Hayward is a postgraduate science communication student at Imperial College London