Sadie Clayton

Sadie Clayton is a sculptor exploring the dynamic boundaries between art, spirituality and technology. Clayton works specifically with copper; a material that is known for its healing properties. Having worked with institutions such as the Royal Academy of Arts and the Tate, Clayton is now embarking on a series of large public sculptures and installations to extend holistic health benefits of this material into the wider community.

As an essential nutrient for the body, copper helps to maintain healthy bones, blood vessels, nerves, and immune function. This metal also contains special antimicrobial properties found to repel coronavirus pathogens.

Sadie Clayton's digital fantasy was inspired by conversations with Dr Dasha Nicholls at Imperial College London. Dr Nicholls is working to improve understanding and interventions for children and young people with feeding and eating disorders and obesity. Their discussion led the artist Sadie Clayton to explore ways in which we can escape the social media world to find enlightenment in this fantasy world. 

The mantra displayed on 'Copper World' is inspired by speaking with Dr Dasha Nicholls from Imperial College London. "I wanted to play on the perfection tendencies that people portray on their feeds, by allowing people to embrace their complexities through finding happiness in this copper world." - Sadie Clayton